Musical Advent Calendar: December 4

Yes, still in the 1970s, but don’t worry, I’ll get us into something a little more current in short order. It seems fitting to follow Former Beatle John’s Christmas track with one from Former Beatle Paul, even though that’s dreadfully obvious and only slightly clever. Yet, I’ve done it anyway, because this song is also earnest and heartfelt and twee – if anything, the juxtaposition of these two Christmas songs gives further credence to argument of a Serious Beatle vs a Playful Beatle. Love it or hate it, today’s song is Paul McCartney  – “Wonderful Christmastime,” released in 1979.

Here’s an alternative for those who can no longer stomach the classic version –  I give you this fairly snappy 2012 cover by The Shins:


Musical Advent Calendar: December 3

We’re going to linger in the 1970s for a couple days, since there are more than a couple Christmas classics from that decade. Today’s offering is one that is always in danger of being a bit overplayed, but it’s earnest and heartfelt and a little twee, as befits the season. So, let’s get it out there and hope it’s early enough in the season that you’re not already sick of it.   Today’s track is  “Happy Xmas (War is Over).” I know, I know…

I do acknowledge that there is a decent chance that you might be sick of this song if you’ve started listening to any holiday music, or if you’re still mad at Yoko for some unfathomable reason.

So instead of the original, here’s one of the better covers, a 2012 live performance by Sarah McLachlan and her Music Outreach Children’s Choir and Youth Choir :